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Is value-based pricing right for your firm

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Is value-based pricing right for your firm

Is value-based pricing right for your firm?

New technologies and practices are changing the accounting market. Value-based pricing is a new strategy that can revolutionise the way you engage with your clients. Join Accountants Daily and a panel of accounting and technology executives for a webcast, where we reveal real-world insight and strategies to help you consider if switching to value-based pricing is right for your business.

Don't miss your chance to find out:

  • What kind of pricing models do clients want in 2018 and beyond
  • What your competitors are doing with their pricing models
  • What value-based pricing is in an accounting context
  • If your line of work is suited to value-based pricing
  • If your bottom line will be compromised by transitioning fee models
  • How to communicate changes to your clients
  • What infrastructure you will need to support value-based pricing
  • How to know if you're not suited to value-based pricing

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