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Australian accounting profession impress with tech uptake


Contrary to common thought, two global tech company founders have praised the uptake and penetration of technology in the Australian accounting profession compared to other jurisdictions.

By Lara Bullock 11 minute read

Speaking to Accountants Daily, MyFirmsApp founder Joel Oliver said that the Australian accounting market is very open to embracing new technologies.

“Globally Australia is at the forefront with the UK in terms of market penetration and I think the take up speed in Australia is faster than any other country at the moment,” Mr Oliver said.

Mr Oliver said that they launched first in the UK, then Australia, then South Africa, and lastly the United States of America.


“There's nearly a quarter of a million accountants in the States so can you really launch and reach all of those people in one go? No, not really,” he said.

“The take up in the States inevitably in terms of numbers will outstrip Australia very quickly but in terms of market penetration or the percentage of accountants adopting, they're probably I would say 18 months behind Australia at the moment.”

Amy Harris, co-founder of Futrli, formerly known as Crunchboards, agrees with Mr Oliver.

“We experienced Australia leading the market when it came to the adoption of cloud accounting and it will be interesting to see if they leverage the headstart they had over the UK and US in the advisory space,” Ms Harris told Accountants Daily.

“When launching in Australia, it was very apparent that everybody had taken the Xero Kool-Aid and everybody was going cloud and it was really exciting time.”

“Now, the UK absolutely caught up and it’s finally becoming mainstream.”

Ms Harris also added that Australia has embraced outsourcing more than any other market.


Lara Bullock


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