Reprice with Confidence: Ditch the Automation and Connect with Your Clients


Join the 'Reprice with Confidence' Webinar to learn effective client repricing strategies and master client communication with ChangeGPS.

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Webinar: Reprice with Confidence | Core Pro

Date: Thursday 29 June

Time: 11:30am


Are you tired of working long hours without seeing the financial rewards you deserve? Do you feel like you're bending over backward for clients who don't appreciate your efforts or value your expertise?

It's clear that you need to increase your pricing to sustain your practice, but you're worried about losing clients and damaging your reputation. 

At ChangeGPS, we're here to support accountants like you successfully reprice your clients, quickly, easily and with a high acceptance rate. Join our next webinar event on Thursday 29 June where we’ll walk you through how to: 

  • calculate your repricing fee 
  • communicate your price increase effectively using our VPP client email 
  • Articulate why there has been an increase based on your client’s circumstances
  • Deliver the fee proposal with terms

It's time to stop undervaluing your services and start charging what you're truly worth. Join our upcoming webinar event hosted by Scott and see how ChangeGPS can help your firm grow today.