7 steps to choosing your practice management software


Choosing the right practice management solution is critical to gaining a competitive edge, but with an abundance of solutions available, what’s right for your firm? 

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What is practice management software for accounting firms

Practice management software enables accounting firms to organise and manage their front- and back-office operations. 

  • streamline the running of their practice 
  • automate tasks and data flows 
  • assign, track and collaborate on jobs and tasks 
  • provide powerful real-time insights.

Firms that use the right type of cloud solution have a competitive advantage. Many firms moved to the cloud during the pandemic, which meant that even with team members working remotely – accounting firms could easily organise and track jobs, manage tasks, maximise resource utilisation and billable hours and ultimately margins.

To achieve the maximum benefits, your practice management software needs to enable maximum efficiency. Spending most of your time and energy on urgent organisational demands at the cost of strategic objectives hinders your ability to grow your client base or focus your team on higher value work.

“With firms dealing with hundreds, even thousands of tasks across the business, a practice management system keeps everything organised and everyone on the same page,” said Wolters Kluwer Head of Product for Professional Software, Rakesh Naidu.

Seven steps to choosing the right software

This Wolters Kluwer guide is designed to help you develop the right technology approach in choosing the right practice management software for your firm.

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