3 steps to implementing a new process automation before your Christmas closure!


With Melbourne Cup behind us, it’s a short sprint to the finish line and you’re no doubt looking forward to some much-needed R & R. Don’t take your foot off the pedal just yet though, these last few weeks before Christmas are a great time to review your systems and implement some quick-win projects that will make your life easier in the new year – so you really can come back refreshed and ready to dive into what matters. 

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Here’s 3 simple steps to follow to help you implement a new process automation before Christmas:

   1. Get buy-in

You’ve no doubt heard the saying that people own what they help to create, well the same applies to our willingness to accept change. Before you pick what process you’re going to automate, get feedback and thoughts from your team. Spend 10 minutes at the start of your next training session, team lunch, or morning tea break to brainstorm the tasks that are repetitive, error prone, take time, and perhaps don’t add as much value to your business or your client experience as they once did. Tasks with these characteristics are the perfect candidates for automation. 

   2. Go for the low hanging fruit

Once you have your list of processes to review – prioritise the low hanging fruit that will give you a quick win (just what you need before you head off on Holiday!). Create a quick matrix and plot your shortlisted processes based on the potential impact that automating the task will have for your business and clients, against the effort required to implement the automation. You want to focus on tasks that will have medium to high impact once automated, and that require low to medium effort to implement. 

   3. Nominate a champion 

If it’s everyone’s responsibility, it’s no one’s. If you’re not going to be responsible for managing the actual implementation of the process automation yourself, make sure the project has a champion willing to take ownership of the task and help roll out the new and improved way of working across your team. It’s vital the champion has support from management and can access resources and support internally and externally as required. For more significant transformation projects, collaborate with your champion to help them set deadlines and/or delegate responsibilities as needed. 

Starting a new year often brings a sense of motivation and inspiration, so now really is the perfect time to step back, take stock, and implement one or two quick wins that will help you get more out of your new year. 

Looking for a quick win automation you can implement before Christmas? Did you know that you could easily automate your ATO document processing and management this side of Christmas, cutting the time it takes your team to process and distribute ATO correspondence such as Notices of Assessment, Statements of Account, and other client notifications by as much as 90%? 

ATOmate automates the entire process from notice collection (e.g. downloading notices in bulk from the tax office) through to distribution, identifying errors or discrepancies along the way, and then automatically filing all correspondence back into your document management platform or filing system. With inbuilt TFN redaction and direct integration with the ATO and your practice management software, implementing ATOmate is a quick-win digital transformation project that will free your team up for more valuable tasks in 2022.

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3 steps to implementing a new process automation before your Christmas closure!

   1. Get buy-in from your team – they’re more likely to own it if they feel a part of the process
   2. Go for the low hanging fruit – prioritise projects with medium/high impact that take low effort to implement
   3. Nominate a champion – someone who has support from management and can manage the project from start to finish. 

Looking for a quick win automation you can implement before Christmas? Click here to automate your entire ATO document management process from start to finish and cut your ATO document processing time by 90%.



3 steps to implementing a new process automation before your Christmas closure!
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