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Adjust the Contrast - a podcast on why diversity matters

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Host Adam Liaw plays the role of investigator and raconteur as he examines diversity from all corners and makes the case for how diversity helps seize opportunity. 

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— 1 minute read

"You could say that that's tokenism. That a workplace is only concerned about diversity because it's trendy and woke," host Adam Liaw questions diversity to his guest Benjamin Law. 


"You bring up the word tokenism." Law responds. "I'm not sure that the anxiety around the idea of tokenism is actually matched by anything that's actually happening out there in the Australian industry."

We talk a lot about diversity. Adjust the Contrast, created by Australia’s leading broker aggregator FAST, seeks to understand how inclusion can help reduce risk and create be harnessed to create new opportunity. 

The six-part series, hosted by lawyer, chef and presenter Adam Liaw explores what we can learn about diversity from nature, how we are cursed by our own filters when it comes to how we see people and the world, and ask whether the modern workplace is the problem or solution to Australia’s Diversity issues. 

As Liaw says in the podcast, part of what gets lost in our discussion about diversity is that diversity is actually good for everyone. 

"It's not just good for the person who we want to see in a position."

Experts include, Former Sex Discrimination Comissioner Elizabeth Broderick, Economist Stephen Kouloulas, leader of Deloitte’s Australia's Diversity and Inclusion Consulting practice Juliet Bourke and co-founder of You Can’t Ask That Kirk Docker. 

FAST’s Adjust the Contrast series is available on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher. 

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Adjust the Contrast - a podcast on why diversity matters
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