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What would you do if you had a day off?

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We see countless advancements in technology that increases our productivity and saves us time, and fintechs like Waddle are driving innovation in the finance space, offering time-saving modern invoice finance solutions for accountants, bookkeepers, finance brokers and their clients.

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The time saved over the week can be significant - typically up to 1 day! Usually, time saved is re-invested into the business, working with new clients and tending to other matters, however, you could, in theory, have a day off to do whatever you like. Golf anyone?

Gina, a well-respected CPA, operating a successful practice in Sydney, shares her experience with Waddle’s invoice finance, and how it has helped one of her clients who is a freight forwarder transport, specialising in container transport. Aside from helping her client, Gina has saved her company many hours across the week, and all it took was a phone call to Waddle to get her up and running on the partner program.

Gina came to Waddle from a traditional bank invoice financier, as she found the administration side of the previous provider was very time-consuming.She said that “all the requirements needed to prove that we were doing business was frankly ridiculous and wasted a lot of our time.”

What does ‘time-saving’ look like? Waddle integrates with your cloud-based accounting platform, (Xero in Gina’s case). Gina went on to say “previously, I would spend 3-4 hours every other day getting what the bank needed, to show the jobs we were doing. Waddle is fantastic for integrating with Xero. It saves me so much time and there is never an issue. It’s so much better for reconciling as well. Before we had a lump sum come in from the bank and then we had to figure out which customer paid what. It was quite a messy process.”

The transition to Waddle was easy. “We had a finance offer from Waddle within seconds, it was so easy. Opposite to the previous bank. The transition process was quite simple. We are, however having an ongoing issue reconciling the pay-out figure for the previous bank in Xero.”

Waddle is also living up to its reputation as being a friendlier finance provider. “The customer service is fantastic, and I’ve found their credit team always willing to help and they strive to provide us with a great service.”

Cost is also an important consideration when comparing financiers, so we asked Gina how Waddle compares? “Waddle is on par with the previous bank when it comes to rates, but the rate structure is more fair and transparent. Waddle posts the financing cost straight into my Xero for me, so I know exactly what it cost. We’re saving time and stress and we’ve appreciated the fact that Waddle is by far more transparent.”

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What would you do if you had a day off?
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