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Why your clients should be lodging a nil-FBT return


With FBT-season just around the corner, learn how to de-risk your clients, maximise FBT lodgement uptake and price your services according.

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For many years, FBT hasn’t been thought about until it’s time to work on the client’s annual Financial Statements. With this method – or alternatively, a ‘Notice of Non-Lodgement' - the ATO can audit the FBT Returns indefinitely.

In this session, we’ll show you how you can minimise the audit period to just three year by offering the ‘Nil-FBT Return’ as a paid-for service to your clients. We’ll show you how to educate your clients on the risks associated with FBT Returns, and how to communicate your services to increase client uptake.

Join our upcoming web event – FBT Launch 2023: How to overcome client objections and learn:

  • Why it is a RISK to your clients and to your accounting firm if you do not lodge their FBT Return each year – even if it is a NIL return
  • Why lodging a “Return Not Required” form does NOT reduce your client’s risk of an ATO audit going back indefinitely
  • How to reduce your clients audit period to 3 years
  • The key 2023 updates to the ChangeGPS FBT App and Client Report
  • Our updated marketing emails to your clients about why they need to have a FBT Return lodged using our exclusive “VPP” method
  • How to overcome client objections to lodging FBT Returns for the first time
  • How to price for your FBT Return advice and services

In this one-hour session with David and Tim, they’ll deep dive into all things FBT lodgements; how to ensure you’re not undercutting yourself; and how to get more client love by minimising their audit risk.

FBT Launch 2023  – How to overcome client objections

Date: Tuesday 21 February 2023 | Replay available

Time: 1:00-2:00pm AEDT | Learn More

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