How to Develop Your Management Skills As an Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs are the people who start and run new businesses. They have a vision for something that doesn't exist yet, and they take action to make it happen. They're not afraid of taking risks or working hard to achieve their goals. Entrepreneurship is about having ideas, taking risks, and turning those ideas into reality through hard work.

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The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who take the most educated and calculated risks. Otherwise, you run the risk of being one of the 60 percent of all startups that fail in their first year of operation in Australia. 

Starting a business is an exciting and rewarding process. It's not easy, but with these tips from experts in the field, you will have all the information you need to make your dreams come true.


Study a Master of Management to Develop Your Skills

The Master of Management is an internationally recognised and accredited qualification that provides the skills, knowledge and expertise to lead in today's dynamic business environment. It's designed for those who want to develop their leadership potential, improve organisational performance or pursue a senior management position.

You will learn how to manage change, build sustainable organisations and create value through innovation. You will also gain insights into the latest developments in global business practices, including sustainability reporting and corporate social responsibility. And with our online delivery model, you can study anywhere in the world.

With over 60 years of experience teaching MBA students at all levels, we know what it takes to succeed in today's competitive environment. Our courses are designed for working professionals who need flexibility and convenience while studying towards their goals.  


Develop Your Decision-Making Skills

Entrepreneurship is a risky and challenging undertaking. It requires the ability to make decisions quickly, often without all the information needed to make a sound decision. 

The benefits of making good decisions are clear – they can help entrepreneurs avoid costly mistakes that could cripple their business or even lead them into bankruptcy. Entrepreneurs need to develop their decision making by: 

  • Learning about different types of decisions
  • Discovering which kind of decision is best suited for your business
  • Understanding the benefits that come from good decision making
  • Gaining confidence in your ability to make sound choices when faced with uncertainty or complexity
  • Practice using these skills in test environments before applying them in real life

This is one of the critical skills that you will learn as part of studying for a Master of Management, so you will be ready to apply strong decision-making from the get-go. Want to develop the tools to use data and statistics to give your decision-making laser focus? You can also study a Master of Business Analytics or hire a graduate to give your business a competitive edge.


Find a Balance Between Leading by Example And Delegating Responsibility

As a leader, you want to be the best at what you do. You also know that for your business to grow and thrive, you need to delegate essential responsibilities so that others can learn and gain experience. 

Most leaders fall into one of two camps concerning delegation: they either try too hard or don't try hard enough. They either micromanage their employees or fail to offer them opportunities because they're afraid of losing control over their work. Neither approach is suitable for growing and scaling your business.

The key is finding a balance between leading by example and delegating responsibility so that everyone on your team can develop new skills without compromising the quality of output or productivity levels. 


Learn How to Empower Your Team

You know that your employees are the lifeblood of your business. They're the ones who keep your customers happy and help you deliver great products or services to them. 

An engaged workforce is an empowered workforce that will deliver 22 per cent more productivity and potentially double your annual net income. Ways you can empower your workforce include: 

  • Show appreciation by listening to feedback 
  • Offer opportunities for growth through training
  • Encourage creativity by giving employees space and resources to explore new ideas
  • Provide autonomy over tasks
  • Make sure everyone has a voice in the decision making
  • Create an inclusive environment where every person feels welcome
  • Celebrate successes together
  • Recognise achievements
  • Give praise
  • Be transparent
  • Share information
  • Allow flexibility
  • Reward hard work
  • Set clear expectations
  • Communicate clearly
  • Invest in relationships 

Developing your management skills will allow you to take on more responsibility in the workplace and provide you with opportunities for advancement. It can also help you find new ways of thinking about problems or challenges to develop creative solutions.

You will be able to lead a team, create an environment conducive to growth and success, and make decisions quickly without feeling overwhelmed.





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