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How to make the switch to a paperless office

Bookkeepers aiming to evolve into a paperless environment have been urged to start speaking to each team member to get them to buy into the change process.

Bookkeeper Reporter 17 October 2019
— 1 minute read

Speaking on Accountants Daily Live, Build on Bookkeeping founder Carly Chant said the best way for a firm to transition into a paperless environment, or even adopt a new piece of software, was to ensure that all staff members understood the reason behind it.


“People are fearful of technology making their role in some way redundant,” Ms Chant said.

“The people that are affected, if you have their buy-in from the start, then success is a far greater possibility.

“I think having that conversation up front about what their role will evolve to once you can eliminate or digitise some aspect of their role [is important].”

Ms Chant also shot down suggestions that technology would render bookkeeping obsolete, arguing that the industry would continue to evolve with the times.

“People will say the bookkeeping industry is going to be eliminated, but ultimately, no, our business continues to evolve. We’re agile, and its more about what if we can eliminate this part that actually is not value adding to our client and do something that is far more value adding so everybody wins from that,” she said.

Likewise, Receipt Bank strategic partnerships manager Chris McColm said making a shift to a paperless office was about “making a statement” to its clients that it is proactive and future-focused.

“Going paperless to me isn’t so much of a physical thing of literally not having paper in your office, because all of the time you are still going to have paper in your office, but it’s making a statement that you’re looking to become future-focused and you’re looking forward,” Mr McColm said.

“It’s announcing to your clients the kind of business that you are: you’re not a reactive business, you’re a proactive business.”

How to make the switch to a paperless office
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