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David Smith

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is a founding director of Smithink 2020. He is the external practice advisor to many firms participating in firm management activities to provide an objective viewpoint and an understanding of strategies that have achieved success in other firms. For over 16 years David was a partner at PKF (now BDO) Sydney where he created a significant software business which was sold to MYOB. He is a regular speaking on topics relating to the future of the accounting profession, business strategy, process improvement and innovation. He is also the advisor to businesses that provide products or services to the accounting profession.

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What are the keys to tech success?

What are the keys to tech success?

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david smith

What’s next for tax and superannuation technology?

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david smith

The trials and tribulations of a practice manager

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david smith

You mean you're not here with me!

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david smith

Stop this digital world, I want to get off ...

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