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Tips to Offer when asked for Tech Advice

Tech isn’t your specialty so being a trusted advisor isn’t easy. Here are some handy tips for offering top-notch tech insight when a client turns to you for advice.
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Small business owners looking for technology solutions to help navigate an inflationary economy with rising costs are going to need more than just the basics of accounting software. As a trusted advisor you want to give your clients practical advice that will actively support their future growth and success. 

To this end, here are 3 tips for offering top-notch tech insight: 1) Look beyond basic accounting solutions or bolt-ons to try and augment them; 2) Examine options specifically designed to handle a broader range of businesses operations; and 3) Identify tools that can help monitor financial performance in real time, enabling accurate long-term projections & informed decision making. 

But that’s not all. Here are more tips well worth sharing: 

Taking a strategic approach to digital transformation can help SMEs get the most out of their existing processes.

Suggest your clients think strategically about their objectives and digital transformation. Rather than take a piecemeal approach, they could look for a longer-term solution on which they can grow. If they are looking to move beyond basic accounting software, for example, they could opt for a platform that allows them to combine accounting with stock control, sales activities, online marketing and more. This could not only lead to cost-savings by streamlining operations, but also more informed decisions because they can see all their information in one place. 

SMEs must make cybersecurity a top priority.

Unfortunately, research has shown that many small and medium sized businesses don’t have appropriate cybersecurity systems in place, leaving their information and assets at risk from attacks by malicious hackers. In 2020, the ACSC revealed that on average cybercrimes cost between $39K - $88k AUD per incident. As SMEs continue to drive the Australian economy, there is a critical need for them to invest in cyber security as a top priority.

Business owners are not cyber security experts and should certainly consult security providers to ensure they get it right. However the responsibility for taking appropriate cyber security measures does lie with the business decision makers, and in the future that responsibility could easily be underpinned by regulatory responsibilities placed on company directors. 

All of this makes it essential for all tech related advice to include strong recommendations to invest in prevention measures such as security tools, regular system updates and employee education sessions around cyber safety practices.

Achieving staff buy-in for new technology solutions is the key to delivering ROI.

Encouraging staff to use new technology and follow new processes involves more than simply selecting user-friendly tools. 

Providing training and support, gathering feedback from employees on what works and what doesn’t, and including them in the process of identifying opportunities for improvement through digital transformation are just some of the ways your clients can maximise take up of new solutions. 

Find tech designed for SMEs

Whether you wish to wade deep into your clients’ technology decisions or not, you will often be asked for advice. If you just want to give them one over-arching tip and then bow out gracefully, here is one that is consistently valid and relevant to your SME clients: They must find technology solutions that are designed to suit a SME’s business size, needs, and budget.

These days that doesn’t limit them to solutions that lack features, functionality and scalability. On the contrary. 

SMEs can step beyond the limitations of software designed to support one element of the business, like an accounting tool, by selecting a scaled-down, cloud-based 'mini-ERP' solution specifically designed for SMEs. 

This kind of platform can combine the management of various business operations, such as payroll, customer relationship management, inventory management, sales, pricing, e-commerce, and customer retention (e.g. loyalty programs), all in one place.

This way there’s no need for your clients to onboard a handful of new digital tools and then try to integrate them. It also means they can tackle their digital transformation step by step, on a platform on which they can grow and continue to succeed. 

By providing advice like this when asked questions about technology or finance management, you’ll be equipping your clients well on their journey towards greater prosperity!

Meet Xpect

When the time is right, enhancement of your client’s business management software will result in vast improvements for their business. Plus, identifying the right tech partners can be good for your reputation as a trusted adviser. 

Designed, developed, hosted and supported in Australia for Australian SMEs, Xpect is an end-to-end cloud-based platform that unites management, communication and reporting across finance, payroll, marketing, sales, website, human resources and operations. 

As more SMEs are frustrated with the limitations of their accounting tools and look to you for advice, arming yourself with the latest intelligence on new solutions is invaluable. 

Watch this 2 minute Xpect Overview Video and you’ll immediately see advantages for your clients.


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