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Introducing Shoebox Payroll; a Platform for Better Payroll Efficiency


The Shoebox franchise group has launched a payroll platform built for bookkeepers & accountants. We’ve made payroll easier & more manageable for everyone.

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Payroll processing and management is an essential part of any business that deals with staff and employment.

Being a franchise group of over 50 bookkeepers and accountants, here at Shoebox Books and Tax, we’ve come across plenty of clients over the last decade that have found themselves up late triple checking and finalising paycheques for their employees, wishing there was a platform that made the whole process just better.

This is where ‘Shoebox Payroll’ comes in.

When you and your business are just starting out, it makes perfect sense to save costs where you can and do these kinds of tasks yourself. But when you start getting bigger, there’s nothing better than being able to focus on the day-to-day matters of your business that bring you more satisfaction, customers, and actual revenue.

More likely than not, as a business owner or manager, you are juggling a lot more than just processing payroll weekly. Automating this payroll process means you can devote more time to other tasks; meaning you can spend time on duties like growing your business, training new staff and building customer loyalty. 

Shoebox Payroll comes from a partnership and brand integration with cloud payroll software KeyPay.

So, what is Shoebox Payroll exactly? Think of a standard software payroll system, but better!


Ensure clients’ staff are being paid correctly and incompliance with Fair Work. Shoebox Payroll is the only payroll software in Australia that can automate annual award reconciliations and employee award calculations for you - always updated in real time with scheduled legislation changes.


Do you have static salaried clients? Automate their pay runs from end-to-end while maintaining overall control. Configure warnings for the system to notify you if anything requires attention. Focus your time and efforts on more complex clients, and business growth.


Add value to your business finances beyond payroll. Utilise reporting to improve your operations and efficiency. Our extensive library of reports obtain data on employees, pay runs, superannuation, PAYG and more.

The best part about using Shoebox’s automated payroll software is that it can simplify and totally streamline payroll processes and give business owners peace of mind that their employees are being paid accurately and on-time.

Shoebox Payroll has been designed for bookkeepers and accountants, with the clients in mind, to ensure a seamless payroll management system for all involved.

This platform launch is just another benefit Shoebox bookkeepers and accountants receive from being part of an-award winning franchise, who is consistently growing and innovating.

If you’re interested in joining a prevalent bookkeeping & tax franchise who will care about your success, find out more at or call our franchise team on 0423 895 786.

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