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Feeling ‘tech overwhelm’? Here’s how to make software selection easier


Earlier this year, Dext carried out a landmark survey of accountants and bookkeepers across Australia to find out more about challenges facing their practices in the current environment.

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One key finding was that 42 per cent of the 566 respondents find improving efficiency through systems and technology a top challenge for their practice. Accountants and bookkeepers understand that digital tools can save time — in fact, they acknowledged that they are spending an average of 1.4 hours every day on manual tasks they believe could be handled by technology. 

Yet, the biggest barrier to implementing time-saving new technology is lack of time to research solutions, selected by 44 per cent of respondents. We call this the time/tech conundrum, and it forms the basis of our Australian Accounting Tech Report.

It's easy to see why tech selection is overwhelming. Pressure to stay up to date with the latest technology was a concern for 64 per cent of survey respondents, while 54 per cent feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of technologies available on the market. This is on top of broader challenges such as managing a high workload with limited staff, which was identified by nearly half (49 per cent) of the survey respondents.

Now, Dext is on a mission to tackle this time/tech conundrum. One of the simplest ways to make research easier is to share knowledge with industry peers. This helps filter through the vast amounts of available information and hear firsthand how people are successfully implementing and using technology in the real world.

“Make it a priority — go along to events, engage with advisers, and stay in touch with community groups and peers. Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook can be great sources of information. You’ll find that most people are happy to share and bounce ideas off each other,” Glenn Castle, regional product domain expert at Dext said. 

One knowledge-sharing and networking event we’re particularly excited about is Xerocon Sydney, which is coming up on the 7th and 8th of September, and will discuss all the latest and greatest innovations in our industry. 

A main focus of Dext at Xerocon will be helping accountants and bookkeepers through the time/tech conundrum. We will do this by assisting them in gaining a deeper understanding of how technology can create opportunities for efficiency, save time and solve problems in their practice. 

So, please pop by and have a friendly and frank chat with us. We’ll also be running one-on-one demos of our three products, where you can learn about:

  • How to save time on processing client paperwork from submission through to reconciliation with Dext Prepare; 
  • Automatic collection and processing of e-commerce data with our new innovation, Dext Commerce;
  • How advanced data can deliver insights that benefit both practices and clients, with Dext Precision.

So don’t sit at your desk wishing you could find a better way to do things, while a pile of information gathers dust in the corner. Book your Xerocon demo with Dext’s product experts here.

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