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Why this local CRM thinks it can compete with Silicon Valley


The promise of Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) has always been infinite. The technology promises better client management, better teaming, and more profitable, successful firms. And although more accounting organisations are embarking on digital transformation, some firms are reluctant to take the plunge, perceiving CRMs as clunky or hard-to-use. 

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However, the landscape has shifted dramatically in the past few years with more tailored CRMs that have been designed by and with accounting professionals. Including some exciting local options that are rivalling even the likes of Silicon Valley.    

1. The pull away from Silicon Valley  

There is a reason that Starbucks didn’t take off in Australia. The global coffee giant overestimated the similarities between the American and Australian market and failed to take some of our peculiarities into account. The same rule seems to apply when it comes to software. 

John McLindon, CEO of Australian CRM SwiftFox says:“People are moving away from thinking that what works in Silicon Valley is going to be applicable here. People are looking to partner with Australian companies, where the system is designed locally, their data is securely stored locally, and they get a level of service where they can pick up the phone and have a chat at a time that suits them.”

2. Changing the pricing model to make your CRM effective  

Most CRMs have historically favoured a ‘Pay-per-user’ pricing model. These subscriptions charge organisations by the number of users and so with each new employee, there is a new cost. The problem with this model is that it creates a disincentive for organisations to sign up their entire team.

SwiftFox CRM has decided to take a different approach. Their plans are designed to encourage organisation-wide adoption which means pricing is based on unlimited access for everyone.

This pricing model is 66% more cost efficient for organisations when compared to legacy systems such as Salesforce. To read more about SwiftFox’s pricing click here:

3. Removing unnecessary subscription costs

When organisations transform digitally, there is a temptation to try a bit of everything all at once. This increases costs and creates unnecessary complexity. By choosing a platform that has everything you need such as; client management, marketing, communications, event planning, pipelines, data analytics)— you are reducing your costs. 

This is a shift, but an exciting one – as accounting organisations look to reduce the back and forth between so many different technology services. 

In addition to simplifying their pricing model, Local CRM SwiftFox wants to give organisations everything they need to compete, within the one platform and without the hidden fees.

4. Consulting with leading experts 

It is surprising how many CRMs are built without close consultation with the organisations that use their products. But this too is changing. 

SwiftFox’s Head of Client Experience, Tim Hunter says, “We wanted to lead with expertise first. We continually meet with experts from across the accounting and professional services space to find out what their pain points are, and what business problems they hope we can solve, and our promise is everything you need to compete and a platform that is easy to use.”

5. Helping keep it organised 

CRMs are about creating more secure, useful data practices across your organisation. However, without a plan for better data handling practices – any duplicated or outdated data will follow you online. 

SwiftFox takes a different approach to onboarding clients. For them, data management is at the core of what they do.

CEO of SwiftFox, John McLindon says, “Originally, we started a data analytics company – only to realise that all our clients had data stored everywhere. That’s why when we move people onto SwiftFox our data team holds their hand through the transition and organises their data for them. This makes the platform as effective as possible from day 1.” 

If you would like to find out more about how SwiftFox can help you, click here. 



SwiftFox is a leading CRM that is changing the way that accounting organisations work. No longer is the marketing team separate from the audit and tax teams, everyone finally works in the same place. 

SwiftFox is about growing your organisation, understanding your clients, managing your pipeline, and analysing your data. 

SwiftFox redefines what it means to be local. Don’t deal with a chatbot pick up the phone – we’re here. 

Speak soon, 


Everything you need to compete


  • This figure is calculated by using an average cost for Salesforce sales+service entreprises across different per user rates. 


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