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A smarter way of organising: Introducing the APS Accountants’ Workspace!



APS is pleased to announce an anticipated addition to our industry-leading software suite for accounting firms. Introducing APS Accountants’ Workspace.

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APS is pleased to announce an anticipated addition to our industry-leading software suite for accounting firms. Introducing APS Accountants’ Workspace – a smarter way of organising and accessing everything your practice needs.

With the accounting practice using a wide array of apps and tools, the ability to manage them all has become needlessly complex. With APS’s Accountants’ Workspace you can now join all your documents, emails, and productivity apps into a single, easy-to-use workspace.


What is the APS Accountants’ Workspace?

The APS Accountants’ Workspace is a cloud-based control panel that combines APS’s best-in-class Practice Management solutions with apps and accounting tools into a simple dashboard.

The APS Accountant’s Workspace consolidates all your solutions in a single view panel. It provides a one-stop-shop for all your documents, emails, and productivity apps, allowing you to work with them in a single, smart, and easy-to-use workspace.

Designed with productivity in mind, you no longer have to jump between multiple windows or solutions to get your tasks done. It’s all neatly condensed into one customisable space for time saving efficiency, clarity, and ease of use.


How will it assist my accounting firm?

Every day, accountants are switching from one UI or browser to another to tackle routine tasks and client work.

This results in a fractured practice management experience full of inefficiencies, siloed information, and time wastage.

With the APS Accountants’ Workspace, the steps and hours involved in your workflows will be slashed. You’ll rarely need to leave the dashboard to perform regular taskwork because it’s all right there in front of you.

With single-sign-on, live reporting dashboards, cloud capability, flexible access and many integration options, you can radically simplify your day-to-day workflows. APS Accountants’ Workspace creates a streamlined and well-tuned practice management experience with improved client work at its heart.


What are the key features?

What features does the APS Accountants’ Workspace offer?


Single sign on access

To remove the tedium of many sign-ins across multiple apps and solutions, the APS Accountants’ Workspace gives you a more intelligent way of organising and accessing your tools through single sign-on (SSO).

With SSO, you can enjoy quick and easy access to all your firm’s applications. 


Microsoft Office integration

APS Accountants’ Workspace is integrated with the Microsoft Office Suite. In a single dashboard you’ll have SharePoint for document management, Outlook for emails, and Power BI’s data visualisation capabilities for practice reporting, including billing and timesheets.


Flexible permissions

No team member in a practice is the same. With different roles, responsibilities, and access rights, you need to keep permissions customisable and flexible.

The APS Accountants’ Workspace allows you to create bespoke permissions which automatically adapt the dashboard inclusions to your individual team member’s logins. This ensures that certain applications, documents, and information are available to the right people.


Cloud based

As a cloud based solution, APS Accountants’ Workspace enables modern user access and updates in a browser-based environment.

With the remote work revolution in full swing, it’s common practice for firms to enable team members access to essential Practice Management tools and documents from anywhere in the world.


Live reporting

The dashboards tab in APS Accountants’ Workspace grants live in-practice and insight reporting.

As a customisable live reporting solution, you can tailor these reporting dashboards according to an individual team member’s requirements.

This means you can grant each team or member live access to relevant reports such as timesheets, capacity, workflows and billing.


A smarter way to run your practice 

In a hypercompetitive industry like accountancy, firms need to take control of their work environment by futureproofing themselves against global trends and changes. APS Workspace allows you to do just that, in a user-friendly and navigable accountancy solution that solves your productivity and accessibility issues to bring everything into one centralised cloud workspace. Isn’t it time you took advantage of a smarter way of working?


The future practice starts right here – book a consultation with us today.

APS Practice Management Software

For a full breakdown of our entire suite of Practice Management, compliance, and partner solutions, see our full range of offerings here. Better yet, request a full demo of our APS suite here.

APS is a division of Reckon, an ASX listed company. We develop the software used by the best accounting firms in Australia and New Zealand to run their business’ and advise their clients.  

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