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Cloud-based Automated Financial/Management Reporting



Cerebiz is introducing new amazing and unique reporting capabilities for Accountants and Businesses using MYOB and Xero systems at your fingertips. 

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Customisable, unique and impressive, the Financial Reporter App by Cerebiz is built to improve, simplify, and fulfil your business's internal and external financial reporting requirements, individual clients, shareholders, boards, stakeholders, franchises, and banks or any other custom financial reporting entity.

This app is a game-changer for accountants and businesses. Join us as we go through the complete functionality and use cases for financial reporting on our latest webinar series episode.


Financial Reporter - ‘A Deep Dive' 

Join us live Wednesday 22nd September 2021 at 12.30 PM (AEST) and hear all about this fantastic app our clients call 'imperative'. Interact, email and ask questions to developers and Cerebiz staff on this hot topic. Click here to register.

Take an in-depth look into a cost-effective add-on to enhance practice performance and dramatically increase functionalities across MYOB AE/AO Practice Manager, AccountRight and New Essentials, as well as Xero Accounts and other major Platforms.

Cerebiz is a 2021 award-winning solution for accountants and businesses providing a management suite of 15 individual cloud-based apps on a single platform that are industry proven to optimise your cash flow, reduce costs and workflow, to name just a few of the benefits gained. 

Cerebiz elevates, integrates, and works over both MYOB and Xero systems 

Simple to use, an all-in-one cloud-based platform that has evolved for over a decade into a must-have set of power tools designed and created for, and by, leading accountants, firms and practices along with top-level financial advisors throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Expand your options as an accountant or financial services provider to dramatically increase business capabilities, systematically reduce overheads across the board and finally put an end to the majority of laborious and repetitive tasks with only a few clicks or taps on any of your existing devices. Cerebiz automates away those wasted unproductive hours.    

Significant growth in virtual operational capabilities required in the last year and a half will only increase, and working from anywhere, anytime on any device is a must.

Company Consolidations have never been easier

Granular and data-rich and time-consuming financial tasks are easily managed through Cerebiz. Whether it is an extraction, collation, formatting, performance or any other myriad of custom requirements, it is all just a tap or a click away - all in one integrated workspace.

Run your practice and service clients with as much precision and ease as your in-house capabilities with proven automated processes and workflows.

Handle any new virtual business requirement or expectation from clients, especially from medium and large enterprise customers that demand with least effort. Build complex, customisable and branded reports with a few simple clicks and share anywhere, anytime on-demand to assist your clients.  

Individually create staff level dashboards that they can also customise to their specific job requirement and taste. Cerebiz widgets, layouts, colour schemes, fonts and an array of unique implementations are connected to the job at hand and can be configured your way.  

Cerebiz is one of the best cloud-based platforms available today

The Cerebiz modular suite of applications (apps) is created individually to address an array of industry pain points missing from current platforms. Introduce Cerebiz apps specific to your business needs, individually or as a mix of business intelligence tools. 

Cerebiz solves so many issues faced by accountants, bookkeepers, advisors and client service providers. Grow your business, services and your client base with a trusted, agile and individually customisable set of industry-specific services and solutions. Click here to register.

If you cannot join us for the live webinar, we will have it available to stream shortly after. 

Check it out now at or call 02 8212 4209 for a free demo 

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