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CAs share lessons with technology at Practice Power Up Conference in April



If you’re still pondering how to fully integrate technology into your practice then you’re not alone.

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So why not learn from those who have as well as other CAs willing to share their challenges and successes in a two-day virtual conference run by accountants for accountants.

With 18 sessions over a two day period, CA ANZ Power Up virtual conference 21-22 April is for all CAs, whatever the role or size of your practice, and wherever you’re at with technology.

“Technology touches everything that happens in the business of accounting now,” says David Boyar FCA, “whether it's receiving a document, sending a document, delivering advice, collecting payments, training, staff, internal meetings, external meetings, workflows or client advice.” 

Webinars will be led by CAs, industry and subject experts — but not by people making a sales pitch, Boyar adds. “You're not going to get content for content's sake or training for training sake. You’ll get webinars on issues that CAs have said: ‘Hey, this is actually what happens’.”

Automation is transforming the accounting profession. Firms slow to adopt new practices run the risk of being overrun by more nimble competitors who attract new clients by leveraging cloud technology to gain efficiencies in compliance, transaction processing, practice management and advisory.

Heather Smith, FCA, says the conference will give participants the opportunity to learn how: “You’ll immerse yourself in what’s happening in the wider profession, hear from other players in the market and take away pieces of the puzzle you need to move your own practice forward.” 

Rebecca Mihalic CA, is helping ensure that it’s a conference with tangible value. “This conference is about learning information you can apply right away,” she says. “The sessions will address real day-to-day issues, about how you actually implement change in your firm.” 

Many sessions will be run on a peer-to-peer basis where CAs share practical insights from their own experience with a theoretical base. “You’ll find out about changing the way you engage with your clients using technology that makes that process swifter and more efficient and provides them with a better service,” Mihalic says.

Mihalic is running a session herself on pricing strategies. “We’ll be looking at different methods of pricing in a new age, around fixed fee pricing and more transparency around billing.”

Boyar will interview one of the executive members of the Australian Taxation Office. They’ll discuss the ATO’s digital agenda and how accountants can use it’s portal more efficiently and obtain more information faster. 

Other speakers will lead sessions on Key Performance Indicators and how CAs can use a performance framework with clients to accelerate advisory capabilities in their firms. They’ll share practical tips on structuring and providing value to clients. 

The webinars will help participants find the technology that’s most appropriate to them. “It’s really exciting to have an almost agnostic event,” Boyar says, adding that the conference will help partners lead change management. “You’ll see what others have done and that should inspire confidence.” 

Participants will be able to interact with webinar leaders and other participants through Q & A sessions and chat functionality while the webinar is going on. 

They can also download resources, links and opportunities to have particular discounts on products, apps, software or services mentioned in the webinars, and can continue conversations with other participants in the My CA forum after the conference. 

Smith points out that the 18 sessions are a deep Continuing Professional Development resource in themselves. “It’s an amazing brainstorming and advisory opportunity for your business, accessing the absolute cream of talent across Australia and New Zealand, their insights, experience and practical tips - how could you miss it?” 

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Rebecca Mihalic CA is a director of Business Depot, based in Sydney. 

David Boyar FCA is CEO of Change GPS based in Brisbane.

Heather Smith FCA heads ANISE Consulting in Brisbane


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