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CPA proposes changes to super tax


CPA Australia has used its submission to the government’s tax discussion paper to propose changing the points of taxation within the superannuation structure.

By Miranda Brownlee 8 minute read

The professional accounting body has proposed shifting some of the tax “burden” from the contributions phase to the benefits phase.

CPA Australia argued that the most equitable retirement savings system would tax income in the hands of the individual when it is actually received.

“That is, contributions would be tax exempt, fund earnings would be tax exempt or concessionally taxed, and benefits would be taxed,” said the submission.

The group proposed that Australia should shift its superannuation system to an EET (exempt, exempt, taxed) model.

“The EET model is the most common taxation model used in the majority of OECD countries – Australia is unique in taxing retirement savings at all three points,” the submission stated.

Constant changes to the rules and revenue grabs by governments, such as the repeal of the low-income superannuation contribution and delaying the increase of the superannuation guarantee to 12 per cent, “undermine public confidence in the system which may have negative impacts on Australia’s long term savings”, CPA said.

“It is therefore more important than ever that the policy levers, including taxation, are set appropriately to help ensure superannuation provides adequate retirement savings,” said the submission.

The submission argued that the taxation of superannuation should not be considered in isolation; rather, "there must be a long-term vision and objectives for our retirement savings system", it said.

CPA Australia said that developing an effective retirement savings policy is about more than just developing objectives for the superannuation system and enshrining them in legislation.

“It must also encompass the age pension, non-superannuation investments and the family home, employment and aged care,” the submission said.

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