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The future of tax professionals


The first National Tax Practitioners’ conference will be held in Sydney next week, focusing on how tax professionals and software developers can adapt to rapid change.

By Michael Masterman7 minute read

Deputy commissioner Michael Monaghan said the event is an opportunity for the ATO, tax practitioners and software developers to come together and discuss the future of the tax administration industry.

“Technology, globalisation and changing social values are constantly affecting the administration of Australia’s tax system. All of us who provide services to taxpayers, including the ATO, need to keep modernising,” he said.

At the conference, the ATO will highlight the time and cost savings available through Standard Business Reporting (SBR), according to Mr Monaghan.

“SBR saves time for businesses, tax practitioners and the ATO. It allows business systems to talk to ATO and government systems, cutting red tape for everyone,” he said.

“Technology is at the heart of the future and we are inviting representatives from the software industry to get on board and recognise new opportunities.”

The conference will include:
• Information about how to advance and transform practice management, including using technology and tools like Standard Business Reporting 
• How you can adapt your practice's business model to take advantage of the changing environment
• A number of speakers, including David Koch from Channel 7’s Sunrise and senior executives from the private and public sectors

The future of tax professionals
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