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How to start and build a successful bookkeeping or tax business


Building a successful business as a bookkeeper or accountant can be tricky. Our proven franchise model gives you the potential for a 6-figure income. Join the Shoebox franchise today!

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Have you wanted to start your own bookkeeping or tax business for a while but don’t know where to start? Have you asked yourself how do I sell my services? Who do I target as my clients? If so, all these questions are completely normal and things Shoebox Books and Tax can 100% help with when you come onboard.

With all these considerations, it’s easy to see how overwhelming starting a business all on your own can be. The most common reasons which deter people from pursuing their business ventures are feelings of being overwhelmed, fear of failure, inexperience, and financial limitations, to name a few.

Luckily, Shoebox’s expert team of business professionals are here to help and support you from day one. No matter what your strengths and weaknesses are, investing in a Shoebox franchise means you’re joining a network of likeminded business owners with the support of an experienced head office team.


The first step to starting up a business is to create an idea. Now you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Many entrepreneurs think that they need to be innovative and create something new and unseen before…not true! Shoebox Books and Tax gives franchise owners the exact services to offer and how to offer them, meaning you don’t need to lift a finger when thinking of what to sell and where to start. We know bookkeeping, payroll, tax and accounting are our specialty and coach franchise owners to be the best professional they can be.


At the start of every business journey, you should include a business plan. Writing a well-planned business plan can help you save time and money in the long run. So, what is a business plan? In essence, a business plan is a roadmap to your journey. It’s a strategy that helps you stay on track, outlining what you need to achieve to reach your goals.

Shoebox Books and Tax believe having a solid plan in place helps significantly when kickstarting your own business, which is why we sit down, discuss and plan out a business strategy for each new franchise owner. It sets you up for success early, and we make sure we touch base regularly with our franchise owners throughout their business journey, keeping you on track with workload, personal and business goals, income and clients.


Brand awareness is just as important as providing a quality product or service. If your business isn’t known, you lack clients. Without clients, you can’t profit, so you can see how vital it is to get the word out there.

Shoebox Books and Tax has a marketing department dedicated to assisting franchise owners grow their local brand and help with generating leads and clients. With over 1,400 SMB clients Australia wide, the marketing team has refined and developed various methods and strategies to ensure Shoebox bookkeepers and accountants are growing and building their businesses.

 If you’re interested in joining a leading bookkeeping & tax franchise who will care about your success, find out more at or call our franchise team on 0423 895 786.

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