Commercial depreciation: Tips to maximise the benefits of commercial property at tax time.


Every commercial property is unique – an office building, warehouse or hotel will all present different complexities and opportunities for tax depreciation.

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In many cases owners and tenants aren’t aware of the depreciation benefits they can claim on their commercial property. That’s where we can help!

At Acumentis we know property, and when inspecting a property our team of qualified valuers understand what depreciable items to look for across different commercial asset types. This means you’ll receive a comprehensive ATO certified tax depreciation schedule that enables you to receive maximum tax benefit. 



Here are some quick tips, prepared by our depreciation experts, to help commercial owners and tenants at tax time.


Both capital works and plant and equipment depreciation deductions are available

Commercial property depreciation can be claimed under two separate divisions: 

Capital Works (Division 43), also known as the building structure, bricks and mortar and permanently fixed assets, and  

Plant and Equipment (Division 40) which refers to fixtures and fittings and items that can be easily removed from the property.


Age doesn’t matter

Your property can be old or new and still entitled to depreciation deductions. All eligible plant & equipment can be claimed, regardless of age. Capital works depreciation on the building structure can be claimed on properties where construction commenced after 20 July 1982. There may be deductions available on property built prior to this date, so it always pays to ask.

When purchasing a commercial property, it is worthwhile checking if any previous tax depreciation has been claimed on the property. If not, you may be eligible to retrospectively claim. 


Maximise incentives

If you’re a commercial property owner or tenant that runs a business with an aggregated turnover of up to $5 billion you are eligible to claim temporary full expensing. 

The recently introduced government incentive allows businesses that purchase plant and equipment assets from 6 October 2020 to 1 July 2023 to instantly write the asset’s cost as a tax deduction.  


Property owners and tenants can claim depreciation, so can owner occupiers

Whether you’re a commercial property owner/landlord or a tenant/leaseholder you can claim depreciation deductions. 

For property owners, deductions can be claimed if your property is leased or “on-the-market for lease”.  This is particularly important now with many commercial properties untenanted, due to the impact of the COVID pandemic.

Unlike residential property where depreciation cannot be claimed by owner occupiers, commercial businesses that both own and occupy the commercial property can claim depreciation.



Acumentis assisted a commercial property owner occupier to apply a total tax depreciation deduction of $173,546 to their industrial warehouse/office site. An additional tax benefit of $52,064 in the first year claim.. 

Read our commercial tax depreciation case study to find out more.



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Why engage Acumentis to maximum your tax depreciation benefits?

Have one point of contact for all your client’s property needs. From tax depreciation to SMSF assessment and valuations for financial reporting, we’ve got you covered 


Knowledge & Experience

Our registered team of professionally certified valuers are experts across commercial, residential and rural and agribusiness property types. We know what depreciable items to look for ensuring that you get a comprehensive ATO approved depreciation schedule prepared by our certified Quantity Surveyors.



We’ll provide you with one tax depreciation schedule that lasts up to 40 years of claim and the fee is 100% tax deductible. We can also undertake a retrospective tax depreciation schedule if you haven’t been claiming deductions so that you don’t miss the tax benefits.


National Reach

Wherever you are in Australia a qualified Acumentis property professional is nearby. With over 300 property professionals working from 45 offices in metropolitan, regional and rural Australia our team have your property and tax depreciation needs covered.


We also provide 

SMSF Assessments | Rental Assessments | Valuation for Insurance Replacement, Capital Gains Tax  

If you’re ready for Acumentis to help your clients claim back more at tax time or to learn more about our commercial services, call us on 1300 882 401, visit or request a quote