Have you updated your engagement letter in time for EOFY?



Recent changes to guidance from the TPB in relation to outsourcing and use of cloud software means you should re-look at your engagement letter. 

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When was the last time you updated your engagement letter? The ATO & TPB have released updated guidance surrounding outsourcing and use of cloud software. We know the process of reviewing and updating your engagement letter is onerous - that’s why we built Practice Ignition. 

As we approach 30 June, engagements will form a critical part of your client relationship cycle. A formal engagement process gives you the opportunity to properly review scope, understand whether you’ve met expectations and ensure you’re getting paid for all the value you deliver.

We’ve made it easy, by providing up-to-date templates with relevant clauses in accordance with this guidance. Within your 14-day free trial of Practice Ignition, you can access free, legally vetted Engagement Letter and proposal templates - making your EOFY a breeze. 

We’re making it easy for over 5,000 accountants & bookkeepers to send beautiful, compliant proposals & engagement letters in minutes. If you’re affiliated with CPA Australia or CA ANZ, you’ll also receive relevant industry-body approved templates.

Access up-to-date Engagement Letter and proposal templates by starting your 14-day free trial of Practice Ignition today!

Limited-time EOFY offers

If you get started before the 30th of June, you may be eligible for up to 50% off your Practice Ignition subscription for your first 3-months. In addition, you’ll pay zero transaction fees on client payment processing through Practice Ignition between 1 June 2021 and 31 August 2021*.

There’s never been a better time to streamline your engagement process!

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