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A big thank you to all Accountants, Bookkeepers, Tax Agents and BAS Agents around Australia


Promoted by Accountancy Insurance

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard but the accounting industry has been there every step of the way to support the countless individuals and businesses throughout Australia.

Promoted by Roman Kaczynski, Director – Accountancy Insurance 4 minute read

We always knew that they did a fantastic job; our accountants, bookkeepers, tax agents and BAS agents – and now more than ever Australians are recognising just how far above the usual course of their career that they go to help out their clients. 

It is therefore an excellent opportunity for us to recognise this contribution and to write just a very small ‘thank you’ to the tireless work of all those working in the accounting industry in Australia (and the rest of the world too), especially over this pandemic period. 

At Accountancy Insurance we are very fortunate to be working with such a dedicated number of accountants, bookkeepers, tax agents and BAS agents. We have a large client base of over 3000 accounting firms who choose to offer their clients the protection of our tax audit insurance solution – Audit Shield.  This is just one example recognising how accountants are proactive in supporting their clients. Although Audit Shield is a non-compulsory offering, accounting firms continue to see how this service can benefit their clients and we consistently see how thankful they and their clients are for this solution; especially when the client is subject to an ATO audit or review.

Our clients come from a variety of walks of life and it would be safe to say that we have, in one form or another, a representation of every kind of accountant there is. A huge part of our business is partnering with clients and establishing long-term relationships. The recent financial upset that many Australians are feeling is so widespread. We have found that many of our clients have gone out of their way to ensure that their clients are receiving the relevant government entitlements appropriate for them – such as JobKeeper. Some may have read that we were recently able to put in place an endorsement to our Audit Shield policy which includes JobKeeper payment audits and reviews. This is just one small way that we like to give something back to the industry and to support our clients so they can support theirs. You can read the full article on this here.

We see so many of our clients embracing technology in our current business climate -  such as video conference meetings, cloud based solutions, regular email contact, forwarding relevant articles to their clients, and more. This shows the true supportive caliber of the accounting industry to continue to provide the best service to their clients – when they really need it. We really respect this and it only further reinforces the absolute dedication of those working in this industry.  

To further support our clients during this time, we have practical solutions to get through the Audit Shield renewal process where face-to-face meetings may not be possible. Our clients have the flexibility to choose from a number of meeting solutions that best suit them.  Even as restrictions relax we will continue to offer our clients virtual meetings as an alternative – we know that life of a tax professional is always busy and so as to not exacerbate that, we can work in with what works for our clients.

When Accountancy Insurance was given the opportunity to show recognition and support the accounting industry, naturally we jumped at this opportunity. This is why we chose to be the Gold Sponsor for the Australian Accounting Awards 2020. Although the awards are not following the traditional format this year we still look forward to congratulating all of the finalists, winners and any of those that are represented at the awards this year. 

Our team will be present and we look forward to catching up with your team via video chat on 19 June, 2020. If you want to drop into our chatroom just to say hello our chatroom name is: Accountancy Insurance

From myself and the whole team at Accountancy Insurance – well done accountants and thank you for all of the work that you have done in supporting Australians now, for the work you did prior to this and for the work that you will undoubtedly do in the future. 

If you would like to contact our team you can do so via email or by phone. We have offices around Australia and look forward to receiving your call. 

1300 650 758
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Roman Kaczynski
Director – Accountancy Insurance

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