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The 4 ways to enhance your value as a professional service provider in 2021

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Find out what will set you apart in a rapidly changing period of growth. 

Sponsored Features ORB Alternative 12 May 2021
— 2 minute read

The key financial priorities for 2021 are focused on technology development, M&As, corporate restructuring, R&D and product development. By understanding how financial priorities are geared towards growth, professional service providers have the opportunity to understand key drivers for funding and strengthen client relationships. 

Businesses are now looking for financial leaders who extend traditional service expectations by responding to the specific needs and requirements of the current time. 

Here are four key factors to consider as a professional service provider if you are looking to enhance the financial efficiency of your organisation and professional relationships in 2021: 

1. Commitment

As a professional service provider, it is important to continue to demonstrate your commitment to forming strong partnerships that will endure market volatility. Additionally, you must give clients the confidence that you will continue to provide solutions that meet their changing requirements. 

When complicated situations arise, there is an opportunity to solidify your position as a respected and valuable professional service provider. Showing your commitment to your clients means presenting, exploring and having a toolkit of solutions to assist them. 

2. Communicating your value

By clearly communicating your value to clients, they will see you as an essential service. If clients are aware that you are invested in achieving their goals as well as being focused on problem solving, being proactive and transparent, the future value of your service is solidified. 

Differentiate yourself from other professional service providers by communicating your commitment and understanding of company desires, especially important in a rapidly changing landscape with shifting client expectations. By helping clients recognise that it is person rather than just the service, this will lay the foundations for lasting relationships. 

3. Agility and responsiveness to change 

In 2021 businesses are facing three main challenges when looking for financial solutions; 

  • The time consuming nature of seeking funding
  • A lack of visibility of market alternatives 
  • Misalignment of lending criteria. 

Clients need their “go-to” professional service provider to show that beyond an excellent track record, they can be responsive to current and emerging challenges.   

Beyond technical skill, problem solving requires creativity, agility, openness to change and willingness to try innovative solutions. By first understanding the core financial challenges which businesses face, an agile response to change can be effective in finding valuable solutions.

4. Having a secured lending partner

The previous factors are necessary for strong client relationships, however they are often easier understood than applied, as there is limited awareness of the tools professional service providers have to assist clients with complex financial challenges.

ORB Alternative is an ASX only funding partner for professional service providers to ensure they have alternative funding solutions for their clients. As a registered partner with ORB, you create a mutually beneficial partnership - where companies can pursue their goals and you enhance your relationship with them. ORB provides secured flexible financing solutions for ASX listed companies and the owners of ASX listed stocks, from amounts above $A250k to over $25M. Unlike other non-bank platforms, with ORB there is no contractual obligation or set deal flow you are required to present.

ORB Alternative assists professional service providers in overcoming financial challenges their clients or businesses may be facing, whatever the catalyst or scope may be. 

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The 4 ways to enhance your value as a professional service provider in 2021
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