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How A Local Accountancy Firm Increased Conversions By 250% Using Facebook Ads

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It's not easy to find a meaningful marketing strategy that brings in results consistently. However, Facebook ads work like a charm and offer the kind of value Accounting Firms dream of. It’s no wonder Facebook ads have become the go-to marketing option for thousands of businesses worldwide. Here's a look at what these ads can do for your business, and how a local accountancy firm managed to increase its conversions by 250%.

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— 2 minute read

1) Create Customer Personas


It starts with an assessment of the customer and being able to understand what a "target" lead looks like.

With one particular local accountancy firm, it was catering towards the working professional and small businesses. These were the main targets on social media and it helped them hone in on the right fit as soon as the process began.

Too many marketing strategies cast too wide a net and this leads to wasted funds. Instead, the goal should be to create a customer persona, assess the market, and move forward by going after those specific leads!

2) Understand Their Motivators

What motivates the average lead? This is the question you need to be asking with Facebook ads.

With this particular accountancy firm, it was all about managing financial documents, filing taxes, and staying on the right side of the law. With this in mind, it's easier to go after those leads and hit the right emotional points to bring them onboard.

By understanding their motivations, it's a lot easier to get them to click through to your website. This applies to any form of digital marketing.

3) Solve Their Problems with Content Marketing

Content marketing is your best friend because the average person will want as much information as possible.

This can include:

-How To's
-Blog Posts

The premise behind quality content marketing is to establish yourself as an authority figure. For example, sticking to the accountancy firm, it's all about coming across as a certified, reliable and trusted accounting option that has the expertise to manage local clients without missing a beat.

If you are able to do this, it becomes easier to increase the conversion rate.

4) Target Your Ideal Customer Using Facebook Ads

Once you've done all of the hard work, it's time to use Facebook's ad manager and begin targeting specific demographics. Since you've already done the research in the first 3 steps, it's all about adding the information in and using it to launch new ads.

The ads will only pop up in front of those people you've targeted.

As a result, the conversion rate goes up without wasting money on unqualified leads!

5) Send Traffic to a High Converting Landing Page

Of course, the ad isn’t where it ends. You also need to convert that lead into a client. You need to seal the deal by offering something of value on the other side. This means a high-grade landing page that makes them want to sign up with your business.

It has to be a comprehensive sales funnel with relevant information and potential upsells too.

This is how the accountancy firm in focus managed to hit incredible numbers.

Final Thoughts

With any accountancy firm, it's important to optimise the marketing strategy and ensure it's built for the long-term. By using Facebook ads, the firm took a huge leap forward and was able to maintain control over the leads that were coming in.

This is the ideal situation to be in and is the way modern firms should be positioning themselves.

If you are looking to increase your conversions with Facebook ads in 2019, but not sure where to start, book in a free strategy session with one of our business growth specialists today.

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How A Local Accountancy Firm Increased Conversions By 250% Using Facebook Ads
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