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So you’re an accountant… It’s 2016, and are you still surrounded by reams and reams of paper?

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Time to change, time to step into the future, time to go paperless. Going paperless not only enhances the sustainability of your business, it also helps you save precious dollars and enhance your profitability! Sage HandiSoft explains how…

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With improved computing power, mobile devices and integrated functionality, the business environment is becoming increasingly efficient and connected. However, paper still plays a big part in how businesses function, making them not just eco-unfriendly, but also hampering the very potential of the businesses. 


Paper slows down productivity in the office and has a significant impact on the overall success and profitability of organisations. According to K2 Vision, an employee will spend an average of 30% of their day searching for required hard copy documents. Sustainability has become a very high priority for CEOs, with 49% of CEOs surveyed by Go Nitro saying going paperless is among the top three initiatives for their organisation. In spite of the increased dependence on computing, mobile devices and digitisation of records and information, 20% of businesses that were surveyed mentioned paper consumption was rapidly increasing.

Clearly, there is a need for organisations to cut down paper consumption. The most efficient way to do so would be the implementation of technology that renders paper useless and unnecessary.

At Sage, we understand that clients and revenue are at the heart of every firm.  In view of this, we ensure our software (used to support your compliance and practice management processes) is reliable and integrated. Not only would this help you maximise your organisational productivity and revenue, but also enhance the sustainability of your business by significantly trimming paper usage.

Modules within the Sage HandiSoft practice management and compliance suite such as HandiLedger, HandiTax and Workpapers have been providing  efficient solutions to preparing your clients’ accounts and seamlessly lodging tax returns. These integrated modules streamline compliance work and in particular, the process of producing and finalising your clients’ accounts.  All the while reducing the need for paper in the office.

In addition, by leveraging the integrated, easy-to-use functionality of Sage OneWorkpapers, Document Manager and Client Portal, hundreds of firms are eliminating the time wasted on sending data files and documents back and forth, and instead using the freed up time wisely to effectively advise their clients and drive up their practice profits.

Migrating to Sage’s practice management and compliance solutions allows for better business integration, making the process of client accounts production seamless and more efficient. Users report increased efficiency by a factor of as much as 30%* resulting in a more profitable practice.  What’s more, all this can be absolutely paperless, making your organisation much more eco-friendly, efficient and saving you all those extra dollars!

How can you empower Clients to self-service, saving time and resources?

The Client Portal add-on for Document Manager allows you to securely share documents and files with your clients online, they can sign documents electronically using any internet connected device and you get notifications when the documents are signed.  Client Portal eliminates the time and costs wasted on exchanging documents by mail and increases your capacity to offer additional billable services.

Here’s how to go paperless, save time and money…

Book an online demo to find out more about any of these modules or call us on 1800 660 670 – you can save time and money by having the right solution combination to increase your practice efficiencies!



So you’re an accountant… It’s 2016, and are you still surrounded by reams and reams of paper?
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