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IGT announces upcoming ATO reviews


The Inspector-General of Taxation (IGT), Ali Noroozi, has announced his new work program for improving tax administration in Australia.

By Michael Masterman 8 minute read

Amongst a number of reviews, the work program includes an examination of the ATO’s services and support for tax practitioners.

The IGT’s announcement follows a community-based consultation program in which, Mr Noroozi said, a broad range of submissions from taxpayers, tax professionals and their representative bodies were received.

“The community-based consultation surfaced a wide range of issues and concerns for review,” he said.

“While I cannot review every issue, the topics selected reflect the greatest levels of community concern or significance in achieving a more efficient, fair and transparent tax administration system.”

The new work program consists of the following:

• Review into the ATO’s Taxpayers’ Charter and taxpayer protections;
• Review into the ATO’s approach to debt collection;
• Review into the ATO’s services and support for tax practitioners; and
• Review into the ATO’s conduct of employer obligation compliance activities.

The following two reviews are also in progress:

• Review into the ATO’s administration of valuation matters; and
• Review of the ATO’s implementation of the agreed recommendations arising out of the of the so-called ‘U-turns’ review and other IGT reports published between August 2009 and November 2010.

Mr Nozoori noted three further topics that received strong stakeholder support for inclusion in the work program but said it would be more effective to conduct such reviews after the ATO has bedded down certain initiatives. These were:

• The ATO’s administration of the general anti-avoidance rules;
• The ATO’s public consultation arrangements; and
• The ATO’s information gathering activities.

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