Practice Management Software Buyer Guide



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Every modern day accounting firm deserves a practice management system that boosts productivity, fosters innovation, drives efficiency and helps you to place your clients at the centre of what you do.  But making the decision to invest in new practice management software can be a daunting task for the entire firm.

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In order to successfully choose and implement the right practice management system, you need more than just product information.  Identifying the needs of your practice, the strengths and weaknesses of your current system and your vision of the firm’s future are all elements that play a role in selecting your software partner.

Sage has developed a Practice Management Buyers Guide to help you navigate through the myriad of information available around practice management software.  This guide draws on our industry and technology expertise, global best practice resources and includes everything you need to know in order to choose the most suitable practice management solution for your accounting firm.

We have divided the guide into a 5-part series to be distributed through email over the course of 5 weeks. Subscribe here to start receiving this useful information now so you can tap into the right advice for your technology investment.

The 5-part guide topics include:

  • What a good system should deliver and where to start
  • Checklist to assess your current software
  • Top 10 must have features for practice management software
  • Questions for your new provider
  • How to implement your new software