The ATO’s big blitz on Aussie firms

The ATO’s big blitz on Aussie firms

The government fired warning shots in the May federal budget about a tax office blitz on the top 1000 firms in Australia, and it has stuck to its word. 

Podcasts Reporter 15 September 2017
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Ben Scull

In fact, according to Thomson Reuters managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Ben Scull, the ATO is set to speed up its surveillance.

Speaking to Accountants Daily's editor Katarina Taurian, Ben explains which companies are in the firing line, and what they should be expecting from the regulator. In Ben’s words, there’s “quite a bit” of information that firms will need to produce to satisfy the ATO.

Ben also talks about his vision for tax reform in Australia, and why some of the taxes that don’t get the broader public’s green light are often the ones most in need of a shake-up. 

The ATO’s big blitz on Aussie firms
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