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Future-proofing an accountant's business

The accounting space is client-centric, and its foundations are built on relationships. The concept of client-centricity hasn’t changed, so what has?

Insights Simon Madder 17 November 2015
— 1 minute read

The internet and the explosion of multi-touch points, like social media and mobile devices, have fundamentally and irrevocably changed the way people behave and experience the world. Clients are now seeking out more personalised advice and engaging experiences from their accountant over the long term.


At Prime, we believe the client experience journey needs to be updated, not only to respond to increased digital disruption which is transforming the way we do business, but to more effectively capture the changing behaviours and expectations of empowered clients.

Clients are now experiencing the world in a different way. We believe that to remain relevant and competitive, a renewed focus on designing personalised client experience journeys should be a key consideration to stay ahead of the curve, keep up with changed expectations and demands and to create new value frontiers.

We see, from our experience, that accountants can also freshen their way of thinking by learning about their clients so as to gain a deep understanding of their wants and preferences. This will provide key insights to enable the leverage of digital capabilities and technology, and to deliver efficient and engaging experiences.

We believe this new-found enthusiasm for and focus on delivering great client experiences is a sure way to future-proof an accountant's business.

Digital disruption across the accountancy sector is about changing mindsets and disrupting the way business is done. Introducing digital technologies and capabilities to the heart of the business to help design and deliver exceptional and personalised client experiences provides an opportunity for firms to seize competitive advantages and to create value.


Future-proofing an accountant's business
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Simon Madder

Simon Madder

Simon Madder is the Managing Director & CEO of Prime Financial Group, an Integrated Wealth Management Firm and an Accounting Firm Investor.
Prime Financial Group was founded in 1998 by accountants, including Simon, and today that accounting heritage and DNA continues through Prime's working relationship with clients in partnership with accountants.

With over 17 years experience as the Managing Director and CEO of Prime Financial Group, Simon is focused and passionate about achieving new and long term success for wealth management clients, and to continue to build strategic business partnerships with accounting firms who want to grow, expand service offerings and deliver a complete client service.

In 2015 Prime Financial Group released their White Paper, 'The Power of Insight'.