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Accounting jobs most at risk from automation, warns PwC


Accounting has topped a list of professions which, according to PwC, are “most at risk from computerisation and technology”.

By Michael Masterman 8 minute read

In a recent report, PwC said many of the jobs in which people work today will simply not exist by the next decade, either entirely, or not in the same numbers.

The report includes a list of professions ranked by the probability of their being automated in the next 20 years. With a 97.5 per cent probability, accounting came top of the list.

Commenting on the study, PwC chief executive Luke Sayers said he is not surprised that digital disruption is putting accounting jobs at risk.


“It was no shock to us that our own research showed PwC’s core business, accounting, is at the highest risk of automation over the next 20 years," he said, adding that PwC has been planning for this disruption for some time now.

“Two examples in our audit practice are our automated data assurance service, which will have the capability to provide a real time audit to all clients, and a global first in predictive analytics to help anticipate future issues based on previous experience.

“These technological innovations not only make audits more secure, but free up our skilled workforce to provide more insight and analysis that benefits our clients,” Mr Sayers said.

While accounting topped the list of jobs most at risk from technological disruption, the profession was followed most closely by checkout operators and cashiers at 96.9 per cent.

Other industries deemed to be at risk include general office administration workers (96.1 per cent); financial and insurance administration workers (93.1 per cent); and real estate agents (85.2 per cent).

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