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Cascade Consulting: Embracing technology with QuickBooks


Leading accounting firm Cascade Consulting adopts QuickBooks to streamline processes & enhance accounting practices. Learn how they stay ahead in the digital age.

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Streamlined bank feeds

Not afraid to experiment with new technology, Cascade Consulting commenced their switch to QuickBooks when QuickBooks Online was first released in Australia in 2013. The catalyst for changing from Reckon were the bank feeds.”The Reckon feeds weren’t good, they were impacting productivity so I knew we had to move.” Karen said.

“The bank feeds in QuickBooks Online were much more reliable and actually enabled us to work more closely with our clients.”

Customisable reporting

Keen to test the limits of the software they use, Karen and her team have found the powerful reporting capabilities of QuickBooks Online. “We’ve looked at other solutions on the market and have found the reporting very frustrating when compared to QuickBooks. I enjoy pushing software and getting the most out of it, and the reporting in QuickBooks Online is incredibly powerful. I’ve created some amazing custom reports for my clients which has helped their business decision making.” she says.

Best in class payroll

Understanding how important getting payday right is to her clients, Karen and her team are power users of QuickBooks Payroll powered by Employment Hero. “We’ve used other payroll systems and QuickBooks Payroll is the best payroll on the market. It really is. It’s so important. If you muck up payroll, the world falls apart.” she says.

Time-saving integration

Continuing their quest to explore new solutions, in 2018, Cascade Consulting became an early adopter of QuickBooks Tax powered by LodgeiT. Moving from Reckon Elite Tax, they’ve found QuickBooks Tax to be much faster and more efficient in managing their tax workflow.

“The integration between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Tax has made a huge difference to how we work. If I were to quantify it, LodgeiT saves me over 50% compared to what I was doing in Elite-” Karen said. “-and being able to easily access the software from anywhere has made the whole team more productive.”

Solid support

Throughout their switch to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Tax, Cascade Consulting highlighted how impressed they were with the support they received along the way.

“We tend to work things out as a team but when we have needed help, both the QuickBooks Online and the LodgeiT support teams have been amazing. You get good answers back really quickly.”

Cascade Consulting's switch to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Tax has been a successful one. The practice has seen significant time savings and improved productivity through integration, customisation and online access. When asked what advice she would give other firms thinking about upgrading to QuickBooks, Karen said, “you’re in an accounting practice, there’s always a deadline and that means there’s always a good reason not to do something so just do it.”

To learn more, register for the QuickBooks Suite Overview , or call the team on 1800 618 521.

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