[CPD] Put unpaid out-of-scope work in the past


Are you looking to put an end to unpaid out-of-scope work?

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This informative session is exactly what you've been searching for.

Discover the essential strategies and tools to eliminate unpaid out-of-scope work by establishing clear expectations with your clients right from the start.

Hosted by Brendan Allen—Manager, Key Accounts team at Ignition—joined by guest panelist Rebecca Mihalic FCA—Director at businessDEPOT—this session is designed to help keep you and your practice protected and running smoothly.

Register for this must-attend session to learn:

  • Why some advisors struggle to manage scope
  • How to manage client expectations and complete work on your terms
  • How to fulfill your obligations as a practitioner and stay protected
  • How to eliminate debtors and communicate clear payment terms using technology

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