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Why it pays to rely on professional indemnity insurance


Whether it’s mandatory or not, it’s cost effective sense to get cover. 

By Simon Pascoe 11 minute read

Having the appropriate insurance coverage is vital for accountants and accounting firms to safeguard their professional practice. Professional indemnity insurance is a crucial policy for accountants, and this article will examine the main reasons why it’s needed and how it can protect businesses and their reputation.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity (PI) insurance is a specialised insurance policy designed to protect professionals, including accountants, from claims and lawsuits arising due to professional negligence, errors or omissions in their work. It provides coverage for legal defence costs, damages and financial settlements that may arise from such claims.

Legal protection and defence

One of the primary reasons why accountants and accounting firms need PI insurance is for legal protection and defence. Where a client alleges that your services have caused financial loss or damage, the insurance policy will cover the legal costs associated with defending the claim in court. This can include hiring lawyers, expert witnesses, and other legal expenses.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

In many jurisdictions, PI insurance is a mandatory requirement for accountants and accounting firms to obtain and maintain their professional licences.

For instance, several organisations that deal with accounting, such as the IPA and CPA Australia, either advise or mandate that their members purchase PI insurance. Additionally, as part of the terms and conditions of the services offered, certain client contracts or engagements may have language that specifies that the accountant must carry PI insurance. By having the appropriate insurance coverage, you ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, avoiding penalties or potential loss of your license to practice.

Financial protection for claims and lawsuits

Accountants are entrusted with handling sensitive financial information and providing expert advice. However, mistakes can happen, and even a minor error can result in significant financial losses for clients.

PI insurance provides financial protection as it may cover the costs of claims and lawsuits filed against accountants or accounting firms for errors, omissions or negligence in their professional services. It typically includes coverage for financial losses suffered by clients due to these professional mistakes

Client confidence and trust

Having PI insurance instils confidence and trust in your clients. By carrying this insurance, you demonstrate your commitment to maintaining high professional standards and taking responsibility for your work. Clients are more likely to choose an accountant or accounting firm that is adequately insured, as it provides assurance that they will be protected in case of any errors or negligence.

Covering professional errors and omissions

Accounting professionals are human and despite their best efforts, errors and omissions can occur. PI insurance covers the costs arising from these mistakes, including financial losses suffered by clients due to incorrect financial advice or erroneous calculations. It acts as a safety net, ensuring that your clients are protected and compensated for any losses caused by professional errors.

Safeguarding reputation and business relationships

A single professional mistake or negligence claim can damage your reputation and strain business relationships built over years. PI insurance helps safeguard your reputation by providing the necessary financial resources to handle claims promptly and efficiently. It demonstrates your commitment to rectifying any errors and compensating clients, thus preserving your professional integrity and maintaining positive business relationships.

Access to expert advice and support

PI insurance not only offers financial protection but also provides access to expert advice and support. Insurance providers often have dedicated teams of panel lawyers that can help accountants navigate through legal complexities and risk management strategies, and provide guidance on best practices. Access to such expertise can be invaluable when dealing with professional liability issues.

Flexibility and tailored coverage

PI insurance policies can be tailored to meet the specific needs of accountants and accounting firms. The coverage can be customised based on the size of the firm, areas of specialization and the nature of services provided. This flexibility ensures that you have adequate protection for your unique professional risks and exposures.

Peace of mind and stress reduction

Running an accounting practice involves dealing with various challenges and uncertainties. Having PI insurance provides peace of mind and reduces stress by knowing that you have a safety net to mitigate financial risks associated with professional liabilities. It allows you to focus on providing quality services to your clients without constant worry about the potential consequences of errors or claims.

Cost-effective risk management

While obtaining PI insurance involves a cost, it is a cost-effective risk management strategy for accountants and accounting firms. The financial impact of a single professional negligence claim or lawsuit can be significantly higher than the premiums paid for the insurance coverage. By transferring the risk to an insurance provider, you can manage potential liabilities without risking your business.

Industry-specific coverage options

PI insurance providers understand the unique risks faced by accountants and accounting firms. Therefore, they offer industry-specific coverage options that cater to the needs of the accounting profession. These options ensure that you have comprehensive coverage tailored to the specific challenges and liabilities associated with your accounting practice.


PI insurance is a vital risk management tool for accountants and accounting firms. It provides legal protection, financial security and peace of mind, allowing accountants to focus on delivering high-quality services to their clients. By investing in PI insurance, accountants and accounting firms can safeguard their business, reputation and client relationships, ensuring long-term success in their profession.

Simon Pascoe is director of F.D. Beck & Sons Pty Ltd.


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