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Master the Art of Trust Distributions


Join our Trust Distribution Masterclass and learn how to easily navigate the complexities of Trust Distributions. 

Promoted by Change GPS 2 minute read

Are you struggling with getting your clients to sign Trust Distributions before EOFY? Not sure what exactly ‘Owies Case’ means for your clients? You're not alone. With the new year, comes new challenges and Trust Distributions are on top of that list. 

That’s why Tim & Dave from ChangeGPS, have introduced the Trust Distribution Masterclass. This is the ultimate webinar event for accountants that want to learn how to easily navigate the complexities of Trust Distributions. In this event, you'll learn how to explain to clients that the preparation of a Trust Resolution is an additional and vital service, how to price your Trust Resolution services clearly, and how to educate your team on how to calculate the most tax-effective distribution strategy. 

Plus, we’ll also cover the effect of ‘Owies Case’ on Trusts and help you understand which Trust Deeds may need updating and how you can coordinate this. This is a MASSIVE new consideration you must make for all Trusts before 30 June 2023

We know that managing Trust Distributions can be challenging and overwhelming, but with our Trust Distributions Masterclass, you'll have the tools and knowledge to navigate this complex landscape with ease. This is your opportunity to take control of your Trust Distribution services and take your accounting practice to the next level.

Join Tim & Dave on Monday 15 May at 1PM for our Trust Distribution Masterclass. Register now to save your spot!


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