3 things you might not know about Intuit QuickBooks


The QuickBooks Roadshow reveals the top three features you might not know about!

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In November 2022, the Intuit team visited 10 locations across Australia with the QuickBooks Roadshow. A post-event survey asked delegates what new features they learnt about at the event. Over 50 features were nominated by Advisors but the most common unknown features were: 

1. Mailchimp Integration 

Intuit Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you enquire and engage with your clients, customers, and other interested parties. 

When you connect your QuickBooks Online account with Mailchimp, you can sync your customer and financial data to the Mailchimp audience of your choosing. Your QuickBooks customer information—including email address, name, physical address, purchase history, and more—will sync to Mailchimp as contacts in the audience. Then, you’ll be able to use everything you know about these contacts to create segments and send targeted, personalised campaigns.

When you bring together your marketing tools and invoice data you can speed up sales and accelerate your growth.

2. Cash flow planner 

The Cash Flow planner is an interactive tool that forecasts your cash flow, the money going in and out of your business. It looks at your financial history to forecast future money in and money out events. You can also add and adjust future events to see how certain changes affect your cash flow.

You can change events in the planner without affecting or changing your books. This helps you make informed decisions about when to save, spend, borrow, and transfer money.

3. Books review

The Books review tool focuses on common yet tricky bookkeeping areas: incomplete transactions, reconciliations, and account balances. It lists key tasks so you can quickly tie up any loose ends and prioritise work, and customise your own tasks for review. You can even collaborate on transactions with your client directly in QuickBooks, send and receive messages, and upload documents.

Would you like to learn 50 more unknown features of QuickBooks? 

The Quickbooks Roadshow is headed to 12 more locations, 7 March – 4 April. If you can’t make it in person, don’t forget you can also join us virtually on Tuesday, 4 April. 

It’s free to register for you and your team, lunch is included and you’ll earn 4 CPD points. 

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