Learn how Lark Business Advisory achieved revenue growth of 20.9% in 2020, with Practice Ignition


"We had our largest ever growth in revenue in 2020. Business increased by 20.9% ... Practice Ignition was key to that growth." 

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Are you stuck using legacy systems with outdated invoicing, document management and accounts receivable processes, but frustrated and unable to make the change?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CEO of Lark Business Advisory in Melbourne faced similar challenges before being introduced to the suite of Xero practice tools including Practice Ignition. 

Since implementing Practice Ignition with the help of Clarity Street, Lark Business Advisory have: 

  • Reduced their invoicing process by up to two-thirds for each client 
  • Reduced their collections time from 2-weeks to 5-10 minutes 
  • Completely automated their client onboarding and proposal process

In addition, Lark Business Advisory have been able to repurpose their admin staff and free them from repetitive, clerical work to focus on higher-level tasks like process documentation and improving systems. 

In 2020, they were able to achieve growth of over 20% with robust collections and engagements strategies. “Using Practice Ignition, even with COVID we didn’t slip”. 

Read this case study to learn how you can achieve similar results in your accounting or bookkeeping practice.

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