Grow your revenue by up to 20% by turning your once-a-year clients into monthly, recurring engagements



Practical tips to ensure you’re providing as much value as possible to your clients by segmenting, pricing and delivering new services.

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In this free 45-minute on-demand webinar, hear from experts Ed Chan, Founder of Chan & Naylor and Rebecca Mihalic, Director at BusinessDEPOT on how to leverage your existing client relationships into monthly recurring work.

Ed & Rebecca tackle the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of offering new services, including scoping & pricing while ensuring that your team is set up in the right structure to deliver.

You’ll come away with a practical understanding of how to grow your accounting practice in 2021, while adding more value to your clients. 

Now is the time to implement change, and we’re here to help. Start by watching this free on-demand webinar by Practice Ignition & WIZE Mentoring. 


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