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Tips From Sydney Accountants On Managing Your Accounts Better

Guest post by Pen Warriors.

An excellent management system of your accounts is one of the best ways for you to have better finances. In some cases, it doesn’t always boil down to how much you have, or how much you are set to receive, but it matters, too, how you manage this inflow of money. Resources can quickly dry out if they aren’t correctly managed; hence, you have to ensure that excellent accounts management is one of your topmost priorities. Here’s how:

Bookkeeper Pen Warriors 01 January 2019
— 3 minute read

1. Use automation to your advantage.


Gone are the days when online banking is regarded as an unsafe means of banking. This is false. With numerous security measures in place, online banking can actually work more for your advantage now more than ever. One of the best ways for you to manage your account better is to set your account up for online banking, especially the account where your inflow or salary is coming from.

How does doing so help you? When you set up your account for online banking, you can also enroll particular bills to be credited to your account automatically. Not only is this system more efficient, as you will no longer have to keep withdrawing money to pay bills, but it can also save you from the risk of withdrawing money for unnecessary things. When your bills are automatically connected to your account, it also becomes easier for you to browse through the same for you to do a monitor check, as all the payables and receivables are in one table in your online banking account. Learn more about online banking and automated techniques through speaking with an accountant from Silver Peacock & CO.


2. Reduce your payment installment terms.

As much as possible, pay with cash. Do not be too reliant on using your credit card, especially when doing so on an installment basis. If the store offers an installment plan with zero interest, then that is fine. You can make this work better for you by taking advantage of the installment plan. However, there might be some time in your life when you absolutely have no other choice but to use your credit card. When this happens, reduce your payment installment terms. As much as possible, do not stretch your payment plans to a more extended period, as this will also mean higher interest rates. Remember that this amount you are spending for interest payment could’ve been better utilized as savings instead.


3. Check your balance regularly.

Accountants have noted that one of the loopholes of consistently falling into debt is because there is so much reliance on credit cards. With this easy payment scheme, it is also very easy for you to forget the importance of checking your balance regularly. However, it has been noted that, yes, you must check your balance regularly. Click here to get a hold of accountants whom you can easily message for advice on checking your balance, and balancing the same with your other expenses.

If possible, do a weekly check as to how much it is you have left in your account, so you can create a mental note and budget of how much extra money you have to set aside for other expenses such as eating out, or buying a new outfit. Apart from this, when you know your balance, it is also easier for you to plan out how you are going to pay for the upcoming bills later in the month, or early in the next month. There are numerous ways for you to record this, such as through old-school writing, through Excel, and even through balance and money accounting apps.


4. Hire an accounting company.

If you are a business owner, or even if you are an individual with multiple accounts as you may be earning quite well, or you have a varied asset portfolio, it is best for you to hire an accounting company to help you manage your accounts. This case is even more especially true when you do not have any background in business, or accounts and funds management. If you are a sole proprietor, or even as an ordinary working individual with many assets to manage, hiring an accountant is not always expensive. Just think of the cost of hiring one as a worth-it expense to help ensure that all your hard-earned money isn’t going to waste.


5. Avoid the constant paying of fees.

When you are managing your account, write down all your expenses so that you have an overall idea of how much it is that you are going to be paying for this month. When you do this, you have a better chance of making one big cash withdrawal for the expenses that aren’t automatically credited to your account. Doing this lets you avoid the numerous add-on fees of cash withdrawals, be it from the bank or the ATM. As little as these fees may be, they do add up, especially when they are done so quite regularly.



Whether you are a small enterprise or a huge business enterprise, and even if you are merely managing your income from working, proper accounts management is necessary. Without this, all your hard-earned money might end up in expenses that you weren’t supposed to be spending for. With these tips to guide you in managing your accounts better, you can be more assured that your hard-earned money is going to grow.


Tips From Sydney Accountants On Managing Your Accounts Better
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