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Clients less loyal, want more consultation

Recent developments in software are putting bookkeepers in a better position to consult with small businesses, however the days of client loyalty over many years are long gone, says one industry player.

Bookkeeper Adrian Flores 17 May 2018
— 1 minute read

Speaking to The Bookkeeper, All That Counts director Lielette Calleja said that, based on the current industry environment, bookkeepers are in a position to consult for a lot of small businesses where they can set up their systems properly before educating and training them.


She said this trend is largely due to recent developments in bookkeeping software that are allowing small business owners to move into a do-it-yourself space.

“Some small business owners have lots of time on their hands. They're not that busy. They shouldn't be spending money on bookkeeping services,” Ms Calleja said.

“They should be spending money that's going to make them money, and bookkeeping will make them money and will give them visibility into their finances if the systems are set up properly for them.

“I think that is a service offering that bookkeepers need to look at and package up.”

However, Ms Calleja said that another effect of technological advancements in bookkeeping is a decrease in client loyalty to the same bookkeeper over many years.

“I think working in the cloud ... has made bookkeepers more exposed and transparent with their clients. There's not a lot of loyalty when it comes to clients staying with the same accountant or bookkeeper for a long time,” she said.

Ms Calleja believes the decrease in client loyalty has led to a trend of bookkeepers and accountants merging together in order to provide a more holistic offering to small-business clients.

“[Accountants] are losing clients as well. Hence, why they believe if they have the bookkeeper under their roof, and they're doing what they're supposed to do, that the client becomes stuck to them,” she said.

“It's harder for the client to leave, because if it leaves one, it's got to leave both.”

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Clients less loyal, want more consultation
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