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8 steps to follow when making job offers to accountants


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Losing your preferred candidate at the last hurdle in the selection process is a demoralising and expensive experience.  

Avoid repeating it by following the 8 steps used by professional recruiters:

Current global events have resulted in most Australian employers of accountants and bookkeepers suddenly finding those ‘hard to fill’ roles have more qualified and suitable people applying to work with them than they can remember in recent times.

Assuming you’ve done all the right things* in shortlisting, interviewing and testing the best applicants, you still need to get your preferred candidate over the line by making a convincing job offer and not losing them to competing job offers.

Jorg Stegemann, a recruiter and Director of Executive Search at Experis Executive (a division of ManPower Group), clearly lists 8 steps to a successful job offer that you should build into your toolkit.

Here’s the first two.  

1. Move fast. 

If you've made a decision, why wait? Time is always your enemy in your recruiting, even in a down economy exceptional talent is rare. 

Whenever possible contact the selected candidate later the same day of their final interview. If not, make contact within a day or two at most. Not only can you ease the candidate's stress during the post-interview waiting period but you also show how thrilled you are to make them a part of your team. 

2. Be enthusiastic. 

Be professional but be enthusiastic. Tell the candidate he/she was your first choice. Explain how impressed others are with his/her background and skills. 

It's natural to play your cards close to your chest during the interview and selection process, but once you've made a decision, drop your reserve. Don't worry—conveying your excitement won't affect the salary negotiation process. 

Remember, the employer-employee relationship doesn't start the first day on the job. It officially starts with the job offer. Make that moment memorable for the candidate. 

*if you have any doubt on whether you are doing all the right things in your recruitment & selection, the link below takes you to our complimentary compact guide to Hiring the Perfect Accountant


See the whole 8-Step process here and land that top candidate:


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