Reckon confirms director resignation, block share trade

Accounting software provider Reckon has announced the resignation of one of its directors, as well as confirming a block trade of shares that reportedly represent 7 per cent of the company.

Yesterday, Reckon announced the resignation of Christopher Woodforde in an ASX announcement, effective immediately.

“Christopher Woodforde joined Reckon as a non-executive director when he had a part-time role outside of Reckon,” a Reckon spokesperson told Accountants Daily.

“In June last year, Chris was given a full-time role which increased his international responsibilities. As time passed it became apparent that it was hard for Chris to commit to both roles. Chris has been a great contributor to the company and Reckon wishes him well in his other endeavours.”

The spokesperson said that a new board member will now be sought to replace Mr Woodforde.

A significant number of shares in Reckon were also sold yesterday. Fairfax Media reported that 7.97 million shares traded at $1.45 a share, which represents a 7 per cent stake of the software provider according to Fairfax.

“We will know after two days who sold and bought Reckon shares,” added the Reckon spokesperson.



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