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A new way for Accountants to find clientele & generate additional income

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Anytime Professionals is a 24/7 service designed to connect Accountants, Tax Agents and Bookkeepers to clients around Australia.

Sponsored Features Content Partner 05 April 2017
— 1 minute read

In an age where we are constantly hungry for information there is a noticeable shift in the behaviour of people looking for answers. Just like those who use 'Dr Google' for finding what's wrong with themselves medically, clients are beginning to use public forums to seek professional advice.


This shift clearly demonstrates a change in how people seek advisory services and that they are looking for answers within the comfort of their own homes and outside the realm of ordinary working hours.

Anytime Professionals is a new 24/7 service designed to connect Accountants, Tax Advisors and Bookkeepers to clientele all around Australia. So how does it work?

  • Clients post their query or job to be completed on Anytime Professionals.
  • Professionals are then notified that there is a job available for them and they make an offer to the client on how much their services cost.
  • Once a job is completed the professional gets paid for their services provided to the client.

It's a revolutionary new way to connect clients to professionals and removes boundaries on where and to whom professionals can give advice to. So why choose Anytime Professionals?

  • No need to debt collect - We take payment up front from the clients so you don't ever have to worry about chasing debtors.
  • No need to advertise - We find the clientele for you.
  • No need to invoice - We automatically generate invoices on your behalf to clients.

To find out more about this new service visit www.anytimeprofessionals.com.au


A new way for Accountants to find clientele & generate additional income
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