5 reasons your practice should embrace cloud technology



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For many practices, it’s no longer a question of if they will move to the cloud, but when. While migrating to the cloud inevitably involves adapting to new systems and processes, this short-term challenge is far outweighed by the long-term benefits.

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Let’s highlight five ways your practice can benefit from migrating to a cloud-based practice solution. You can also discover more ways to future-proof your practice in our guide, ‘Embrace Tomorrow: How to Future-Proof Your Practice’.

  1. Work anywhere, anytime

With a cloud-based solution, you can access real-time client and practice data on any device with a web browser. This can revolutionise the way your practice works. You and your staff can work from home, while on commute, and if required, during non-conventional hours. It also makes setting up remote offices easier. 

  1. Collaborate in real time

Cloud-based solutions allow multiple users to update the same file and view changes in real time. This means you, your staff or clients can access the same version of a file, with the most accurate and up-to-date financial information. Files are automatically saved in the cloud and accessible anywhere, at anytime – eliminating the need to back up to a hard drive or portable device.

  1. Reduce costs

While traditional on-premises solutions generally require a considerable upfront license fee, cloud solutions offer comparatively lower periodic subscriptions fees. And as they don’t require any server hardware, you can avoid the maintenance and system admin costs typically incurred with on-premises solutions.

  1. Simplify systems and data

One of the most powerful benefits of the cloud is its ability to integrate various solutions and data into a single, easy-to-use hub. For example, many cloud-based practice solutions integrate seamlessly with cloud CRM platforms, allowing practices to leverage a single client database. This can dramatically simplify access to data as well as improve data hygiene and accuracy.

  1. Future-proof your practice

While on-premises solutions require users to manually purchase and install software updates, those for cloud-based solutions take place automatically. Embracing the cloud not only ensures you will always have the latest bug fixes and solution features, it will also enable your practice to benefit from future innovations like machine learning and artificial intelligence – which most solution providers will optimise for the cloud.

Embracing cloud technology is just one of three vital characteristics of a future-proofed practice. Discover all three in our guide ‘Embrace Tomorrow: How to Future-Proof Your Practice’ and learn practical steps to prepare your practice for the future.


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