AuditCover is a new breed of insurance provider.

A simpler and smarter solution for tax audit protection. We like to look at things differently and we question the status quo. We’re not bogged down in old ways of thinking and that helps when you are changing an industry. Put simply, we love providing insurance products that our customers believe in. We believe that by taking a digital first approach, managing client data securely and building an insurance product that covers the taxpayer directly, we can make audit insurance a seamless process for everyone.

Our direct-to-client model balances compliance and convenience to future proof your firm and achieve better practice and client outcomes. That means no painful paperwork, no lengthy setup times and absolutely no leaky data. It means accounting firms can partner with a distribution platform that does all the work, so you don’t have to. Everyone knows where they stand and no one gets caught in the middle. It’s about simpler audit protection the whole way.

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