8:15 AM - 8:55 AM


9:00 AM


9:10 AM

The SME Relationship; What Business Owners Want and Need

Through real-life examples and number crunching, we dive into the psyche of SME clients in 2019 and beyond, and what is driving decisions to align with a professional adviser. We reveal how to gain cut-through using accounting concepts to drive up business advisory revenue and consolidate powerful relationships.

  • Market insights: What are SMEs seeking from their trusted advisers?
  • How to transform the language of ‘finance’ into the language of ‘action’
  • Simple, powerful, profound: The magic number approach to SME investment decision making
  • Identify new strategies for high impact client meetings and communications
Stuart Donaldson

Founder, Banyan Co

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM


10:30 AM

Major Changes to Compulsory Education. Are you Ready?

Compulsory education for accountants is getting a massive overhaul. Whether you provide tax-based services or financial advice, your education record is set for change and scrutiny. In this comprehensive update, we explain:

  • The new mandatory education changes for licensed accountants by 2024:
    • Frequently asked questions: clearing up confusion about the changes
    • how to best prepare
  • Who accountants have ongoing education obligations to
  • The most cost and time effective ways to manage your ongoing education requirements
Kath Bowler

CEO, Licensing for Accountants

11:20 AM

Are You Cyber Secure? How, When and Why You Need to Take Action Now

Cyber security is now a legal and regulatory requirement for all accountants. Firms with even the most advanced software are being foiled by simple triggers like passwords and sophisticated internal email scams.

  • Your professional and legal obligations in managing cyber security
  • Top 10 most common ways accounting firms find themselves in hot water with cyber security
  • People are the biggest target: how you can best manage yours and your staff’s risk
  • What you can expect from your software provider to manage this developing threat
Jack Kay

Head of Business Development, Practice Protect

12:10 PM - 1:10 PM


1:10 PM

Outsourcing a Partner- What you Don’t Know

Did you know you are liable for the work of an outsourcing partner? New rules and regulations put Australian accountants in the driver’s seat - and the firing line - of all work completed outside of their office and offshore. In this session, we run through the opportunities and risks of this new framework, including:

  • Insight: how the market, and your competition, is using outsourcing providers.
  • What your legal obligations are when you choose an outsourcing partner
  • How to protect yours and your clients’ data and relationship
  • Doing the numbers: where outsourcing adds serious value
Nick Hastings

Director, hammerjack

2:00 PM

Map Out the Road Ahead- Top Tips, Traps and Strategies for Getting Finance Approved

Access to finance is harder than ever for small business in 2019. In this panel, we speak to expert small business advisers and lending specialists about your best bet for securing lines of credit, including:

  • How to negotiate with the banks and other lenders
  • Tips for maximising your clients’ chances of securing a loan
  • Where SMEs are going wrong with their loan applications
  • Alternative sources of finance for clients that get knocked back
Lielette Calleja

Director, All That Counts

Shannon Smit

Director, Transfer Pricing Solutions

Brendan Wright - Melbourne


Rob Ryan - Sydney

Head of Northern Region, FAST

2:50 PM - 3:30 PM


3:30 PM

Big-ticket compliance issues: How to best prepare for the ATO’s agenda

The ATO joins us for an exclusive look at the developments that accountants can expect in FY2019-20, including compliance, portals and key changes.

Segment 1: ATO’s compliance messages for individual clients
AC Kath Anderson – Sydney only
AC Sonia Corsini – Melbourne only

  • What are the ATO’s areas of focus for individuals?
  • What expenses are on the radar, what risks and activities are being seen?

Segment 2: Updates on ATO systems changes and initiatives
AC Sonia Corsini

  • How are client and tax agent communications going to revolutionise?
  • How are the system updates from the ATO going to impact tax agent communications?
  • Updates on key projects such as single touch payroll
  • The development pipeline and what we can expect, including the tax agent portal.
Sonia Corsini

Assistant Commissioner, Individuals and Intermediaries, ATO

Kath Anderson - Sydney

Assistant Commissioner, Individuals and Intermediaries, ATO

4:20 PM


4:30 PM