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Accountants high on 'dateability' scale

Accountants are some of the most dateable professionals, just behind doctors and firefighters, according to a recent international survey conducted by Xero.

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News Jack Derwin 28 September 2016
— 1 minute read

The survey found that in Australia and New Zealand, accountants were rated more desirable than artists and designers, while in the US and the UK they pipped personal trainers.

This is despite 78 per cent of global respondents describing those in the profession as stereotypical “bean counters” and “number crunchers”.

Xero head of accounting James Solomons said that while these stereotypes persist, they no longer reflect the accounting industry.

“Technology has revolutionised the accounting industry and we have seen a new breed of professionals crop up in the last five to 10 years. We have many accounting partners who are excellent examples of the new-age accounting firm, whose employees challenge these stereotypes. They have diverse careers and are often playing the role of business advisers to small businesses,” he said.

However, it’s not just in love that accountants are sought; more than half of the respondents view accountants as trusted advisers, while a further 65 per cent believe they are incredibly important or imperative to the running of the economy.

Blue Rock supervisor Ricky Jessop said the survey highlights the changing role of accountants as the industry continues to develop.

“Times are changing and Millennial accountants are changing the stereotype. Increasingly, our accountants are evolving into a virtual CFO for businesses, working hand in hand with business owners to help them solve problems they face both financially and operationally on a daily basis,” he said.

Accountants high on 'dateability' scale
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