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Uncertainty plagues office stored data

The safety and security of office stored data has been questioned by two prominent online software providers.

News Mitchell Turner 12 October 2015
— 1 minute read

Speaking at the 2015 Reckon Conference in Sydney, Zack Levy, Reckon CIO, questioned the attendees as to the true safety of their data.


“Where do you think your data is more secure? In the cloud or in your office?" Mr Levy asked.

He noted that there is a sense of uncertainty around data when stored solely in a physical location.

“How many of you actually plug a portable USB into the back of the server, put it in your bag and take it home with you? Do you know what happens at the office when you leave at the end of the day?”

In addition, Nigel Watson, partner, business development manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS) argued that a shift in attitudes towards the cloud has resulted in a greater take-up of cloud-based data storage.

“I think three or four years ago, one of the things that blocked the cloud from becoming normalised in Australia and New Zealand would’ve been exactly the concerns around security,” he said.

Mr Watson continued: “What we’re finding today though is that actually security compliance is becoming a reason for clients to move to the cloud.”

Reiterating the emphasis that AWS places on security, Mr Watson detailed the potential consequences of providing an insecure platform.

“Security is priority zero. It’s our number one job. If we do not have a secure cloud platform, if our cloud platform is shown to be insecure we literally do not have a business,” he concluded.

Uncertainty plagues office stored data
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