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MYOB predicts holograms and mind control

In 25 years’ time, your colleague will be a hologram, chips embedded in your body will facilitate mind control, and tiny robots will crawl through your veins, according to MYOB’s chief technology officer Simon Raik-Allen.

News Staff Reporter 10 February 2015
— 1 minute read

Commenting on the release of MYOB’s Future of Business: Australia 2040 report, Mr Raik-Allen said technological development will change the way Australians work so it is time to start preparing.


“The biggest invention to change the workforce since email will be the holographic representation of people,” he said.

“We will work in a ‘shared workplace’ that will be set up so that you can interact with holographic people from all around the world. You may never meet the people you work for in person, because you will be pitching your ideas to a global workforce.”

He also predicted 2040 will herald the decade of thought activation and mind control.

"You won’t just be wearing your technology. You will be able to have chips embedded in your body that interface with various parts of your body to either report on your health, so you can manage your food and vitamin intake, or send signals to various organs to help regulate your body. Extremely tiny robots known as nanobots will crawl through your veins performing maintenance.

“Your brain will be also start to be integrated and there will be many things you can control just by thinking about them. You might even be able to purchase brain add-ons, just like you buy apps today for your phone.”

In order to prepare your business for the future, it is important to start now, said Mr Raik-Allen.

“The Future of Business report was created by MYOB to stimulate discussion and planning in the workplace, so people will start thinking about preparing for the future now.

“The first step you can take towards being successful in 2040 is to think about how you can make your business data-driven. First, get some accounting software and get comfortable with the charting so you can see at a glance how your invoicing, debt recovery and payments are tracking.

"Next, automate as much of your data entry as possible so your business flows with as little human intervention as possible. There are lots of neat features along those lines that already exist and that will prepare your business for the next 25 years,” Mr Raik-Allen said.

MYOB predicts holograms and mind control
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